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High Blood Pressure: The First Step is Awareness

High Blood Pressure: The First Step is Awareness
On average, roughly one in three individuals around the world suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension. The good news is high blood pressure is preventable and treatable.Yet many people suffering from this condition don’t know they have it. The first step to taking proper care is high blood pressure awareness. High blood pressure if uncontrolled, raises the risk for heart diseases and strokes. That’s not all, here are some surprising facts about hypertension you might not have been aware of:

  • Young people can have it too – Young people can have it tooHigh blood pressure doesn’t just affect older adults, it is a leading cause of stroke among younger people. It is linked to the lifestyle choices—conditions that are modifiable. Young people must get their blood pressure checked at least once a year. The only way to know if you’re having high blood pressure is to check it regularly.
  • It usually doesn’t have symptoms – It usually doesn’t have symptomsAlso known as the “silent killer,” high blood pressure doesn’t surface as symptoms like sweating or headaches. Because of this, many people feel fine and they don’t think about getting their blood pressure checked. Your health may be at risk even though you feel normal. Visit your doctor to know about your blood pressure level.
  • Women face unique health risks – Women face unique health risksPregnant women with high blood pressure are more likely to have complications than those with normal blood pressure. It can harm a future mother’s kidneys and other organs, cause low birth weight and even early delivery. Women with hypertension who want to get pregnant should try to lower their blood pressure.
  • It may be linked to dementia – It may be linked to dementiaStudies show that hypertension during midlife (age 45 to 65) is linked to a higher risk of dementia later in life. So, it’s never too early to start thinking about your blood pressure and taking steps to manage it.

You can help keep your blood pressure in a healthy range with these healthy lifestyle changes:

However, just for your information, here are some common medicines prescribed by doctors-

  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Getting enough physical activity
  • Quitting smoking
  • Limiting alcohol use

To lower the risks, it’s important to get blood pressure checked regularly and take necessary actions to control high blood pressure. But the first step is hypertension awareness. April 7th, being World Health Day, is an opportunity for us to focus on hypertension prevalence and take the necessary steps for hypertension treatment. Get a comprehensive understanding of hypertension awareness, treatment and care here.

Note of caution: This article is for information purpose only. Always consult your doctor before altering any diet plans, medications or in case of any other blood pressure related troubles.

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