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High blood pressure isn’t just something that affects men, but it also affects women. High blood pressure means the increase in blood pressure in your arteries that affect the inside lining.For women, hypertension can easily complicate their lives as they can develop at any point in their lives. It can grow in their teenage years and result in high blood pressure that can easily affect the chemical balance in their bodies. Pregnancies are when women are more prone to developing hypertension. This can easily affect the health of the woman as well as her child.

Hypertension affects the brain, heart as well as other organs. This can prove fatal in the long run and soon can be life-threatening as it can cause heart-related issues, including heart attack and strokes.

High Blood Pressure In WomenHigh blood pressure in women Many risk factors can show high blood pressure symptoms in women. Some of the elements are as follows:

    • Age: After 65, women are more likely to be affected by high blood pressure than men.
    • Pregnancy: When women go through pregnancies, they are at a higher risk of suffering from high blood pressure.
    • Birth control: When women are on birth control medication, they are at a higher risk of suffering from high blood pressure.
    • Menopause: During the menopause period of a woman’s life, they are at a higher risk of getting high blood pressure.
High Blood Pressure And PregnanciesHigh blood pressure and pregnancies Pregnancies are known to be a risk factor for many women in developing hypertension. Women with multiple pregnancies are prone to developing preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication that can arise when the mother is suffering from high blood pressure. There are often also signs of organ damage in these mothers. This condition has been seen in one-third of mothers with multiple pregnancies. This condition is seen in women with various pregnancies around 20 weeks into their pregnancy.Women who already suffer from high blood pressure will see their symptoms get severe as their pregnancy progresses.
How Does Menopause Cause High Blood Pressure?How does menopause cause high blood pressure?

  • AgeAge: As you get older, your body will begin to decline as your metabolism begins to slow down. The arteries in your body begin to stiffen, and your physical activity also begins to slow down. All of this can easily lead to high blood pressure.
  • Loss of estrogenLoss of estrogen: Menopause is when estrogen levels in a woman’s body begin to lower. This causes blood pressure to increase. Normal blood pressure in women is hard to see during their menopause period.
  • Salt sensitivitySalt sensitivity: Post-menopausal women have a higher chance of getting high blood pressure as their salt intake has increased. When there is excessive salt in their bloodstream, their blood pressure can quickly go up.
How To Prevent Hypertension In Women

When signs and symptoms of high blood pressure are seen in women, they need to make a few lifestyle changes and see a doctor for better information.

  • Physical exercisePhysical exercise
  • Healthy dietHealthy diet
  • Reducing weightReducing weight
  • MeditationMeditation
  • MedicationMedication

Normal blood pressure in women isn’t hard to achieve, but maintaining it is an issue. It is the lifestyle that affects women’s blood pressure and the change in their bodies. To prevent women from seeing the signs of high blood pressure, they need to learn and understand what high blood pressure is and how it can be prevented and stopped.

Note of Caution: This article is for information purpose only. Always consult your doctor in case of any blood pressure or other health-related problems.

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