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Why is High Blood Pressure So Hard to Manage?

Why is High Blood Pressure So Hard to Manage?

India is home to over 2.5 million hypertensive patients and the number is still increasing. The reason behind these numbers is poor lifestyle choices and lack of awareness of this lifestyle conditions. Many people don’t even realize that they are suffering from Hypertension as it shows no signs or symptoms. That is why it is referred to as a “silent killer”.

Hectic work schedules improper eating habits, and lack of sleep is a normal routine for many. But they fail to realize this normal is the reason behind their abnormal BP readings. Following this kind of lifestyle is pushing many people on the verge of Hypertension.

People have become so habitual to living a unhealthy lifestyle that when they get diagnosed with high blood pressure, the treatment seems hard. On the contrary, the treatment is easy but breaking the previously formed habits is what makes it difficult.

Let’s have a look at more such instances and reasons why people think managing Hypertension is tough.

What makes hypertension management a tough nut to crack?

Managing any health condition is tough but the trick to make is easy is acceptance and patience. In case of Hypertensive patients, many of them tend to believe in many misconception that cause a hinderance with their treatment journey. They find it hard to let go of their understanding of the condition which impacts their recovery.

Let’s have a look at some of the common misconceptions about management of Hypertension:

Lack of understanding and denial.

In India if someone gets diagnosed with high blood pressure, they tend to think there is no escape from it for the rest of their lives and lose hope. They have to rely on medication to survive. This is true but hypertension can also be managed easily with a few lifestyle changes. Following a correct lifestyle reduces the risk of many heart diseases that helps you live your life worry-free.

On the other hand some people seem to think it isn’t a big deal which often makes the situation worse. They tend to neglect their health and not consider making any changes to their lifestyle. This neglegence increases the risk of heart diseases like stoke, heart attack, and heart failure.

No signs mean nothing to worry about

Hypertension is a silent killer and hence shows no signs which makes people think they are perfectly healthy. But they don’t realize that the pressue the blood is exerting against the blood vessel is increasing everytime they make a wrong lifestyle choice. With time the pressure increases and results in a medical emergency.

To reduce further heart risks that may develop due to hypertension or prevent hypertension entirely, it is important to monitor your BP levels regularly. Any change in the reading must be communicated to your doctor immediately.

It is hard to win over Hypertension

It is not hard to win over Hypertension unless you are too serious about it or to casual. Being too serious about this lifestyle condition causes stress which may affect your already elevated blood pressure levels, And if you think hypertension is nothing to worry about and continue with the same lifestyle choices, it will increase the risk of heart diseases.

The best way to deal with Hypertension is to be mindful of all the risks and take care of your health to avoid follow your doctors instructions, take your medicines on time, and make necessary changes to your lifestyle.

It requires you to change the way you live

Hypertension treatments demands certain changes in your lifestyle but that does not mean you have to the change the way you live entirely. Some of the lifestyle changes you need to make as a hypertensive patient are as follows:

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid alcohol and quit smoking
  • Keep a health weight
  • Limit salt intake
  • Practice mindfulness meditation to keep stress at bay

These changes are recommended to improve your overall lifestyle which not only helps you lower your BP levels but also reduce other risks to your health.

It is okay as long the BP levels are normal

If you BP reading are in the normal range, the risks of developing Hypertension are low. But if your are following a poor lifestyle that includes stress, lack of sleep, junk food, alcohol consumption and smoking, your blood pressure levels can spike at any time. Therefore it is important to keep a check on your BP levels and correct your lifestyle before hypertension strikes.

It can’t be treated, and you are stuck with it for life

Hypertension is a lifestyle condition and it is true that it cant be cured but it can certainly be treated. Making a few tweaks to your lifestyle as mentioned above can help you avert the possibility of of developing hypertension. If you are already diagnosed with this lifestyle condition, management of hypertension is easy your doctor’s help. All you need to do is follow his instructions, trust the recovery process, and have patience.

Times heals Hypertension

Half knowledge is always dangerous. The same is true for Hypertension as well. People tend to surround themselves with their understanding of the condition without knowing it all from a medical perspective. That is where they start to feel managing it is tough. But if you work with your doctor and follow his instruction diligently, managing hypertension is not difficult.

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