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High Blood Pressure – Why It affects Women and How Can They Control It

High Blood Pressure - Why It affects Women and How Can They Control It
A modern woman is a busy bee. The women of the 21st century are trying their best to juggle everything at once, being present and competent at work while also making sure the home front is functioning well. Even with modern appliances to make things easier at home and technology to aid in their official responsibilities, there are still various roles that a woman takes up. Each of these roles come with their own expectations and making sure to meet all of them can be a stressful task. Women have known to be great at multi-tasking, but very often, they tend to neglect their health in the process, which later causes health conditions like high blood pressure!

Why Should A Woman Be More Careful About Her Health?

Why Should A Woman Be More Careful About Her Health?The human body can be rather complex, and with the neglect of women’s health by both medicine as well as society, women’s bodies also tend to lose out. A woman’s body goes through various stressful periods; her body undergoes subtle changes at every stage of her life. All the way from the early stages of the menstrual cycle, which is when she may tend to develop iron deficiency due to blood loss, irritability due to hormonal changes etc. After which some women choose to get married, have children and build a family, which brings about new bodily changes as well as a huge responsibility. The many years spent building a career and family fly by, but then a woman experiences menopause, which is a challenge in itself.

Amidst all these stages, she fights and comes out to be a warrior! However, there’s always a downside of every phase she lives. That being said, we shall now narrate how high blood pressure symptoms in women are apparent.

Reasons Of Hypertension In A Woman

Stating hypertension as the ‘silent killer’ is not a sheer understatement. These are the reasons why it may develop and contribute to serious mental and physical disorders or diseases:

  1. Birth Control Pills

    Birth Control PillsThough most of these pills are safe, some increase high BP in a woman. While using these pills, women may see a slight upsurge in the risk of having blood clots. According to a study, the estrogen present in these pills lead to high blood pressure, especially if your age is over 35.

  2. During Pregnancy

    During PregnancyDuring pregnancy and at the time of delivering a child, the BP elevates. Women having gestational hypertension can develop high BP after they are twenty-week pregnant. Overweight, diabetes, age over 35, not indulging in any exercise, family history of high blood pressure, carrying twins might lead to high blood pressure during this time.

  3. Menopause

    MenopauseThis is another reason that might lead to high blood pressure in women over 45. Menopause comes with hormonal changes which contribute to high BP and weight gain in women. Many women opt for different hormonal therapies at this time, which are also responsible for high BP.

  4. Stress And Worries

    Stress And WorriesIf a woman suffers from depression and anxiety, it may also lead to high BP. This is because, during the stressful condition, women’s body releases different hormones which narrow down the blood vessels. This in turn enhances heartbeat resulting in hypertension.

Ways How A Woman Can Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Ways How A Woman Can Reduce Stress And AnxietyHigh blood pressure affects women and contributes to stress and anxiety too. Thus, here’s our narration on how to reduce high BP, stress, and anxiety, naturally:

  • Opt for a healthy high blood pressure diet. Include more vegetables, fruits, wholegrain cereals, bread in your diet and stay away from junk or fried foods.
  • Say no to smoking as this is harmful. Drinking once in a while is alright but do not make it a regular habit.
  • Choose a form of exercise that you can enjoy and perform regularly.
  • Meditating to relax the mind and body can also be extremely beneficial to women.
  • Indulging in hobbies such as gardening, reading, picking up a new skill can help keep women busy while also helping them feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • Walking or jogging every day for at least 30 minutes is very effective to keep stress at bay.


The need for effective health screening is a prerequisite for a woman. After all, it aids in the early detection of multiple diseases. But if they can take out some time from her regimen and devote it to herself, it may help them live a stress-free lifestyle and keep hypertension at bay!

Note of Caution: This article is for information purpose only. Always consult your doctor in case of any blood pressure or other health-related problems.
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