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Here’s How Happiness Can Help In Hypertension Management!

Here's How Happiness Can Help In Hypertension Management!
Here's How Happiness Can Help In Hypertension Management!We live in a demanding world with hectic lifestyles. There is constant pressure from all fronts that puts us through immense physical and mental stress. Though stress does not directly cause high blood pressure, it increases one’s risk of developing the condition. Our body is designed in a way that small amounts of stress are actually good for it. When you are under stress, your body releases hormones that make physiological adaptations to deal with the situation. These hormones cause narrowing of the blood vessels, leading to high blood pressure┬átemporarily. However, constant stress, anxiety, anger and powerful emotions can be harmful as your blood pressure levels remain at a higher than normal level.

Importance of Stress Management to Reduce Blood Pressure

Importance of Stress Management to Reduce Blood PressureThe first step in controlling high blood pressure is acknowledging the stress levels in your life. The best way to keep hypertension at bay is by practising effective stress management. Working on staying happy and relaxed goes a long way in maintaining optimum blood pressure levels.

While there may be triggers for stress in your busy life, taking 20-30 minutes off the day to relax, do activities that give you joy, spend time with your loved ones help you relax and keep you happy. A great stress buster is taking a refreshing walk, bike ride or run to get your body to release happy hormones or endorphins. These will instantly relax you and make you happy. Though the link between happiness and hypertension control needs is still being studied, staying happy helps keep your blood pressure level under control.

We have all heard that laughter is the best medicine. Studies have shown that laughter can relieve pain, bring happiness, and also helps boost immunity. There are many reasons why laughter is good for reducing blood pressure levels, such as:

  • It helps release happy hormones
  • It allows emotional release, instantly making you feel light and relieved
  • Laughing works out your belly muscles, diaphragm, abs, and other muscles making for an effective internal workout.
  • It helps to distract your mind from stressing factors
  • It helps you connect with people who form a strong support system in life.

While laughter, happiness and hypertension control have shown strong links, some other ways by which you can reduce your blood pressure levels include eating a healthy high blood pressure diet, daily exercise of at least 30-minutes, reduced screen time, limit alcohol intake and avoid smoking. All these factors, along with a healthy amount of laughter and joy, are bound to help improve your health and manage hypertension.

In Conclusion,

If you wish to enjoy a stress-free life with a reduced risk of hypertension, try genuine laughter and laughter therapy on World Laughter Day and reap the benefits of a healthy, joyful life!

Note of Caution: This article is for information purpose only. Always consult your doctor in case of hypertension or any other health-related problems.

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