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Glenmark has been a leader in the hypertension medicines for a significant period of time. While we were helping people fight hypertension through our medicines, we believed we needed to go the extra mile if we have to win the battle against this disease. So, on 19th July2020, we gave the disease its very own identity!

We ensured this identity wasn’t just some symbol developed overnight. A lot of expert thought and consideration went in developing this identity.

  • The identity was worked upon for more than a year
  • The designs were sent to 50,000 doctors across India and their opinions were recorded
  • After much scrutiny and thought, the final identity was arrived at
  • The result was in the form of a first-of-its-kind Hypertension symbol
  • This was approved by 50,000 doctors
  • What makes it even more noteworthy is that it has been endorsed by the Hypertension Society of India (HSI) and the Association of Physicians, India (API)

Presenting The World’s First
High Blood Pressure Symbol

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